We, G-Net system, have developed the cloud server “G-Syncloud” for fleet management systems with our own technology. G-Syncloud combines state-of-the-art dash camera technology with 20 years technical know-how. G-Syncloud provides Live streaming video, Real time GPS tracking, Driving analysis reports, Geo-fence alarm via a 4G or Wi-Fi network system.

How to use it

Cloud Dash​cam + Internet Connection(HOTSPOT) + G-Syncloud App/ Web Viewer

Why use Cloud Service?

Stream live view

Monitor your car in real time 24/7

Small business

Monitor your commercial vehicles on a map in real time through the App or Web Viewer 

Alert Push Notifications

Get notifications to your phone, when your parked car is hit. Check what is happening around your car.

G-Syncloud App guide

Cloud App information